Top 5 Yoga Poses for Arthritis


A serious joint pains or joint inflammation is called as the arthritis. A person suffering from arthritis gets the loss of mobility in the joints of the body that causes immense pain and weakening of the bones. It gets so severe that it limits the daily motions of the body in a fluid way and makes the joints stiff. Arthritis is a severe problem that needs medication at the earliest or else the pain gets unbearable. Along with the drugs, yoga can really help to treat arthritis from the core. For this, you have to get into the habit of doing yoga regularly and especially those asanas that target the joints of the body and heal in the pain.

Vrikshasana – Tree Pose

  1. Vrikshasana – Tree Pose

This pose involves standing on one leg and balancing the whole body on just one leg. This strengthens and tones the muscles of the full legs along with strengthening the hips and the knee joints. This improves the balance and flexibility of the body.

Process – You have to stand on one foot of yours in this pose with the other leg up on your things as in the picture. Stretch your arms above your page from the sides of the shoulder and stand in this position while balancing yourself. Make sure your palms are joined with each other. Exhale and inhale continuously with a straight spine.

Balasana – Child’s Pose

  1. Balasana – Child’s Pose

This is a great resting pose. This may look like a tough pose to hold but the moment you get into the feel of the pose, you will feel utmost relaxation. It is so good to cure the joints pain as it stretches the body and also bends the knees to create fluidity.

Process – As the name says, this pose helps you to relax your mind just like a child’s. It releases positive endorphins in your brain. It is a very soothing pose for the adrenals. It is as soothing as taking a bubble bath.

Marjariasana – Cat Pose

  1. Marjariasana – Cat Pose

This one is great for the spinal cord and also increases the pressure on the wrists making them stronger to hold the balance of the body. Doing some wrist circles, releases the wrist joints. Keep doing up and down with the hips by staying in that position as that can really make the spinal cord free and flexible.

Process: Sit down on the ground on all your four limbs like a cow or a cat just like in the picture. Your arms should be exactly under your shoulders and not stretched out. Your knees should be under your hips. Push your chest downwards while taking a deep breath. Your tailbone should be upwards and belly downwards. Now, exhale and round your spine, tilt your head towards the floor and draw your pubic bone forward. Repeat it for 5 times in the start.

Setu Bandhasana – Bridge Pose

  1. Setu Bandhasana – Bridge Pose

The bridge pose opens up the spines and the hips rigidity making them more flexible in return. But, it is not good for someone who has neck or shoulders injury or pain because it involves extreme pressure on those areas. Also, it would be tough to hold the position for longer in the first go, so be smooth on yourself.

Process – Lie down simply on the ground with hands on sides of your body and lift your knee up. Your feet should be below as in the picture. Lift up your hips and entire spinal area with keeping the balance on the arms and feet. Repeat it for 10 times to begin with.

Gomukhasana - Cow Face Pose

  1. Gomukhasana – Cow Face Pose

The spine, hip joints, arms, and shoulders are stretched out very well in this pose. The folding of the legs also involves fluidity in the blood circulation in the knees and hips. This pose lubricates all the joints and relives pain along with all kinds of swelling.

Process – Sit on the ground with legs stretched in front of you. Criss cross the legs and now fold them in that manner itself. Take both your hands backwards and touch them as shown in the picture. Sit in that pose with your spine straight for some time.


Hands down these were some of the best yoga asanas for curing the arthritis and some severe joint pains. Get into the habit of doing these yoga asanas on a regular basis and you will see the effects of these on your pain in a lesser time. Also, if the pain is very strong, you must consult your doctor.

Top 5 Yoga Asanas for Blood Pressure Control


High blood pressure or hypertension is something that is not to be neglected or taken lightly by any means. These are something that can lead to fatal chest pains and even heart attacks. A person suffering from high blood pressure is always on medication because that is the only way to control the blood pressure. But, along with this there is a long list of food items that are cut from the diet of the person so that things are balanced. Along with medicines and healthy diet, workout is also very important. Doing yoga is always the best for controlling the blood pressure. Doing the yoga asanas regularly can also take you to the point where you will be able to give up on medicines and manage to stay healthy.

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Facial Yoga for Burning the Face Fat


It is easy to figure out that you have gained some extra kilos and the extra fat is visible on your body. You can always hit the gym, start the workout, and get back into shape. Also, you can always keep hiding the bulges with some technique or the other throughout. But, the face fat is one such fat that cannot be hidden completely all the time. Of course, there is makeup but that doesn’t work for all. I mean would you wake up or sleep in makeup? No, right! Hence, you need to come up with a permanent solution and that is burning the face fat so that your double chin doesn’t peep out and to make your face look chiselled with a definite jawline.

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Top 5 Yoga Asanas for Chest Pain


Chest pain can be because of various reasons and it is not always about the heart issues. A lot of times, it is about the acidity, cough, tightness in the chest, and a lot of reasons. However, the first thing that everyone suffering from any kind of chest pain should do is consult a doctor and go through a full blown check up. And alongside, to treat any kind of chest pain, you can also indulge in some basic yoga asanas. Here are some of the top rated yoga asanas that are great for curing any kind of chest pain.

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Best Meditation for Senior Citizens


Doing yoga in the old age is the best medicine to get rid of major problems that one is dealing with. Yoga actually doesn’t has any age limit rather it has a lot of variations in terms of poses that anyone can do it depending upon their ability. Yoga does wonders to the body and the mind and it also brings mental stability in all age groups of people. The senior citizens suffer from a lot of underrated mental issues like anxiety, mental pressure, memory loss attacks, sleeplessness, etc and they can switch to doing meditation and get benefit from that. Here are some of the yoga asanas for the senior citizens that are best for meditating.

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Top 5 Gym Exercises for Athletes


For athletes, it goes like eat, workout, sleep, repeat. Yes, for the athletes regular and proper workout along with proper diet is the most essential thing. No matter what sport you are in, fitness of the body, mind, and soul is the most important thing. An athlete needs to be extremely very focused in their games and for that they need their bodies and minds to be in sync and ready for it. Correct workout session daily with a personal trainer is the want of the hour for every athlete who wants to make big in his game. You know that your body can do a lot and hence you have to get it ready for. Here are some of the top gym exercises that every athlete must do as a part of a daily routine.

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Top 5 Gym Exercises for Building Strength


Just losing calories and sweating out in the gym is not what you would want to do entirely. When you join the gym, one thing that should be on your mind is that you need to work on your body strength. Being strong should always be the focus before any other thing. From the lot of benefits that the gym gives, the topmost of it is that it helps you be stronger than before. On that note, here are some of the top exercises that you should do to build some real strength and be stronger than before.

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Top 5 Gym Exercises for Reducing Belly Fat


Belly fat is the most stubborn fat in our body and when it comes to reducing the belly fat, it takes the most amount of time and also energy. And not only the belly fat is tougher to reduce it is also very dangerous for the body leading to various heart diseases, constipation, and other digestive problems. Of course unhealthy eating habits and the unhealthy way of living are the major reasons for the constant bulging out belly fat. It is said that the bulging belly comes out at the first and takes the most time to go in. And hence, you would need to work out for it while maintaining a good diet. These are the top 5 workout exercises at the gym that can be the most helpful for reducing the belly fat.

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Top Yoga Asanas for Treating Insomnia


Name a thing yoga can’t help you with? Yoga is that exercise that doesn’t only help you with the improvement of the outer body but it also works on making your mind and soul better. And one common problem that this generation is facing a lot is the problem of proper sleep or insomnia in other words. And yoga is capable of treating insomnia and making you so much better with sleep. Just go ahead and include these relaxing yoga asanas in your yoga list. They are easy to do and also they are genuinely beneficial.

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Top 5 Gym Exercises for Weight Loss


Gymming is one of the coolest trends to follow out there right now. You could also be the one going to the gym already or planning to join it. And if it is so, you need to ask yourself as why you would want to join the gym? What is the main reason why you would like to join the gym? Having these questions to yourself really help you in knowing your actual purpose in the gym and you would know about the types of work outs that could be helpful for you. Not every workout is for everything hence, having a little knowledge about all these things are always helpful. If you are joining the gym for losing weight then these are the best exercises for you to start with and keep getting better at it with time.

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