Doing yoga in the old age is the best medicine to get rid of major problems that one is dealing with. Yoga actually doesn’t has any age limit rather it has a lot of variations in terms of poses that anyone can do it depending upon their ability. Yoga does wonders to the body and the mind and it also brings mental stability in all age groups of people. The senior citizens suffer from a lot of underrated mental issues like anxiety, mental pressure, memory loss attacks, sleeplessness, etc and they can switch to doing meditation and get benefit from that. Here are some of the yoga asanas for the senior citizens that are best for meditating.

Baddha Konasana

  1. Baddha Konasana

The butterfly pose is already quite popular amongst the senior citizens. It is best to do in the mornings in empty stomach as it cleans the bowel movements, improves digestion and acidity, stimulates the bladder and kidneys, and removes fatigue issues. It is a great pose to indulge in and do meditation as well.

Process: Sit down in the ground and fold your legs making sure that both the feet touch each other as shown in picture. Hold your feet with your hand and keep moving the legs just up and down like a butterfly in the same position. Inhale and exhale throughout.


  1. Balasana

The child’s pose is a great one to calm down the nerves of the mind and bring mindfulness in the senior citizens. It also improves blood circulation in the brain.

Process – Sit on your knees with resting the palms on the ground. Bend your body extremely low and forward so that your forehead touches the ground. Stay in that position for as long as you can and that would make you relaxed. Breathe normally all these while. Slowly lift your head and come back to the sitting position on the knees itself. Repeat it for some time.


  1. Shavasana

This is the epic corpse pose that is often neglected because it just involves sleeping in the ground. But, this one is a wonder for everyone and especially for the beginners and the seniors. In the seniors, it cures insomnia, chronic problems, and improves concentration.

Process: Simply lie down in the supine position and close your eyes. Relax and chill completely without any thoughts going on in your mind. Lie down lifeless with your entire body being loose. Do it for some time and end your tough yoga asanas with this one.


  1. Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana is a great pose to improve the posture of the body and helps in indulging in meditation by calming down the brain cells.

Process – You have to lie down on the floor on your stomach. Strengthen your arms and lift your chest up just as shown and come back to the original position after few seconds. Repeat it for few times.

Pada Padmasana

  1. Padmasana

To begin with, quarter lotus pose is one of the highly revered poses for mental stability. It is a beginner pose and also has other benefits like improving your posture, bringing flexibility, and toning the legs and thighs of the people having bigger hips.

Process – Sit on the ground in an upright position but with a relaxed body and mind. Try not to think anything. Fold your legs in a manner that your right leg is on the left calf and left leg is on the right calf. Place both your hands on your knees in anjali mudra. Now, hold the position as long as you can. Take and release deep breaths.


These yoga asanas can totally be done by the senior citizens and these will bring a lot of benefits to the body and mind along with increasing the focus and concentration amongst the seniors.

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