It is easy to figure out that you have gained some extra kilos and the extra fat is visible on your body. You can always hit the gym, start the workout, and get back into shape. Also, you can always keep hiding the bulges with some technique or the other throughout. But, the face fat is one such fat that cannot be hidden completely all the time. Of course, there is makeup but that doesn’t work for all. I mean would you wake up or sleep in makeup? No, right! Hence, you need to come up with a permanent solution and that is burning the face fat so that your double chin doesn’t peep out and to make your face look chiselled with a definite jawline.

P.S – All the yoga exercises mentioned below do involve the face muscles to get pressurised and hence the loose fat get burned. These contract your face muscles to reduce the double chin, get the shape of the definite jaw line, and also let the cheek bones show up.

Fish Face Pose

  1. Fish Face Pose

Process – Sit straight whenever you are doing it. Suck in your cheeks as if for making pout but suck it deeply so that enough cheek muscles get sucked in. Your cheek muscles should hurt and feel that it is pressurised. While you have done it, try to smile without losing the pout. Hold on for some time.

You can do this throughout the day to get faster results.

Simha Mudra – Lion Roar Pose

  1. Simha Mudra – Lion Roar Pose

Process – Sit down on the ground on your toes just as shown. Your ankles should be joined and you should be sitting on them. Rest the palms on the knees and take your tongue stretched out as shown so that a pressure is created in your face.

Jivha Bandha – Tongue Lock Pose

  1. Jivha Bandha – Tongue Lock Pose

Process – Take the tip of your tongue and press it hardly against the upper wall of your mouth. Again, do this hard enough. The pressure should be on your neck area and you should feel the pressure so that you know something is happening. Hold the pose for some time and do it again.

Mouthwash Technique

  1. Mouthwash Technique

Process – You have to imitate the mouth wash technique where you fill your mouth with water and keep rotating the water between the two cheeks before gulping out. Here, you just have to fill your cheeks with air as much as you can so that your cheeks feel pressurised and then transfer the air on to the another cheeks. Keep doing this and also when you have air on one cheek hold it for few seconds and then transfer.

Neck Roll

  1. Neck Roll

Process – Sit down on the ground with your body straight and palms resting on the ground by the sides of the torso. Lift your face up and look at the ceiling with stretched neck. Now, simply roll the neck on one side in that stretched position when you are looking at the ceiling and hold it for few seconds. Now, do it from another side.

Cheek Uplift

  1. Cheek Uplift

Process – Smile for this process as wide as you can. Now, place your both the middle and index fingers on both the cheeks. Now, try to uplift your cheeks using these fingers. Do it for some time and relax while you are doing it.

Chin Lift

  1. Chin Lift

Process – For this too, sit down on the ground comfortably. Rest your hands on the sides of your torso on the ground. Look up at the ceiling without moving your body by just uplifting your head. Pucker up your lips so as to kiss the ceiling. Hold on to the position for some time and return back to the original position.


Yoga can do wonders and it can also change the shape of your face. So, don’t worry if you have a fat face or double chin always peeps out to be larger than your face. You can trust on these yoga poses and see the effects within some days. And if you are wondering whether they would work or not then they surely will if you are regular with it and doing it for some minutes of the day. The effects won’t be seen in just a week but at least in a few months. And you will love it.

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