For athletes, it goes like eat, workout, sleep, repeat. Yes, for the athletes regular and proper workout along with proper diet is the most essential thing. No matter what sport you are in, fitness of the body, mind, and soul is the most important thing. An athlete needs to be extremely very focused in their games and for that they need their bodies and minds to be in sync and ready for it. Correct workout session daily with a personal trainer is the want of the hour for every athlete who wants to make big in his game. You know that your body can do a lot and hence you have to get it ready for. Here are some of the top gym exercises that every athlete must do as a part of a daily routine.

The reps and the sets has to be decided by the personal trainer and hence it varies from person to person. There will always be a difference in the reps of the beginner and the one who has been doing it for months. This must be clear in every athlete’s mind.

Medicine Ball Toss

  1. Medicine Ball Toss

It is called as the med ball toss and trains all the important triple extension. The core areas of focus of this workout have to be the quads, glutes, shoulders, and triceps. The knees, hips, and ankles are the three triple extension of the body that are trained the best in this workout and it is essential for an athlete to get strength in these areas. All kinds of speed and power sports need strength in these areas.

Sled Push

  1. Sled Push

Believe it or not, this workout gives an unreal lactic acid build up in the body. Again, this workout also focuses on the major areas of the body that are glutes, quads, calves, chest, hamstring, core, and the arms. This workout is great for speed, acceleration mechanics, power development, strength, and overall conditioning of the body.

One arm Rope cable row

  1. One arm Rope cable row

Back, biceps, core, and the obliques are the core area of focus of this workout regime. For any athlete, this exercise is a pulling movement and it incorporates the aspect of the grip strength single limb movement, and the postural ability of the athletic position.

Dumbbell Press

  1. Dumbbell Press

For an athlete, it is very important to build up strength in the arms and the chest area. For this, dumbbell clean and press works the best and mainly for the athletes. This workout minimizes your effort in the gym by giving you the best results. Quads, hamstrings, glutes, back, shoulders, and hamstrings are the focus areas of this workout. Just make sure to do 1 to 2 minutes rest between the sets.

  1. Burpees

And finally, ending with the most obvious and the most effective all over workout for the body which is burpees! The core areas that are focused in this exercise are the glutes, hamstrings, quads, chest, and the core. It is one of those strength training that can be done anywhere and let the major group of muscles work finer. It improves the muscle oxidative capacity.


It is very important for the athletes to keep up with the strength and the stamina of the body to be able to perform their games in the best way. Hence they always need to maintain their pace by being regular in their workouts. The athletes have to get in a tense workout session everyday because that is a necessity and here are some of the best exercises that every athlete or an aspiring athlete must do every day.

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