Just losing calories and sweating out in the gym is not what you would want to do entirely. When you join the gym, one thing that should be on your mind is that you need to work on your body strength. Being strong should always be the focus before any other thing. From the lot of benefits that the gym gives, the topmost of it is that it helps you be stronger than before. On that note, here are some of the top exercises that you should do to build some real strength and be stronger than before.

P.S – Be ready for some real body transformation just with these exercises.


  1. Deadlift

What better workout than the deadlift itself to increase your body durability and strength! The muscles that are targeted and are in focus while doing dead lift are the hams, upper traps, forearms, hips, glutes, and the lower back. You got to start with lesser weight of course but you have to get better with time by increasing the weight later on.

Pull Ups

  1. Pull Ups

The core strength of the shoulder area is enhanced by the pull ups and you got to agree with this. Though pull ups is not the easiest workout to start with but it definitely gives a transformation to your body. Rear delts, biceps, traps, and the forearms are the muscles that are targeted in this one. You learn and get better at pulling your own weight which is an amazing thing.

Upright Row

  1. Upright Row

The main muscles that are in the focus area in this workout are the biceps, traps, shoulders, forearms, and the brachialis. Targeting the traps in this workout kind of becomes tough and to target that area, keep the hands closer together and raise the bar as high as your chin.


  1. Squat

Squats make your lower body stronger. It gives strength to your thighs, legs, and the knees cutting down the extra fat from that area and also gets them toned. The quads, hips, hams, glutes, and the lower back are the targeted area in this workout. While doing squat, make sure that your thighs are parallel to the floor or it can also be few inches below.


  1. Dips

In this workout, the triceps, pectorals, and the anterior deltoids are worked upon. These are the main targeted area. Also, a pro tip for this one is to lean the torso forwards while moving so that your chest is targeted and the pressure is on the chest.


Just hitting the gym and doing what you want to do is not the right way to go ahead with it. Make sure to get help of a trainer, even if not a personal trainer, you can go ahead and have the help of the common trainer and make sure that whatever you are doing is correct. Building strength is one of the key things that you must be knowing when you are at the gym. Know it correctly.

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