Belly fat is the most stubborn fat in our body and when it comes to reducing the belly fat, it takes the most amount of time and also energy. And not only the belly fat is tougher to reduce it is also very dangerous for the body leading to various heart diseases, constipation, and other digestive problems. Of course unhealthy eating habits and the unhealthy way of living are the major reasons for the constant bulging out belly fat. It is said that the bulging belly comes out at the first and takes the most time to go in. And hence, you would need to work out for it while maintaining a good diet. These are the top 5 workout exercises at the gym that can be the most helpful for reducing the belly fat.


  1. Burpees

Let us begin with a rather tough workout for the whole body that is with burpees. Your personal trainer is surely going to teach you this form in the initial stage. Burpees targets the whole body but its major target area are the abs. It involves stamina and over the period your stamina would be built up more.

Process – Stand on the ground with your feet wide apart and start with bending down on your knees completely. Now stretch your legs backwards to get into a plank position. In the same position move downwards and get up quickly for a jump. It is a 4 step workout and all of them should be done as quickly as possible.


  1. Crunches

Crunches are known to kill the flabby tummy and are helpful for building abs. It concentrates on the lower and the upper abs area.

Process – Lie down on the ground and lift up your knees with the legs being together. Lift your head from the floor while holding your head with your hand and keeping your thumb behind your ears. Lift your body up while lying down as much as you can and keep coming back to the lying position. It is an ongoing continuous exercise.

Mountain Climber

  1. Mountain Climber

To get rid of the excessive fat in the tummy area you got to do some workouts that are tough and that needs pressure in that area. Mountain climber is a great way to cut that stubborn fat from the tummy area and tone them.

Process – Get down on your fours on the ground in a plank position. But, instead of being still, you have to move your legs like you are climbing the mountain and keep doing that.

Russian Twist

  1. Russian Twist

This is a slightly tougher form of crunches. This would help you get rid of the love handles and slimmer down your waist as well.

Process – Sit down on the mat and lift both of your legs up and make sure they are together. The knees should be a little bend and flexed and you have to lean back a little. Join both of your palms to balance your body. Now you have to keep twisting the upper side of your body towards left and then right.

Flutter Kicks

  1. Flutter Kicks

This is one of the best exercises that is taught in the gym to the people who want the toned abdominal muscles. It helps to cut down the tummy fat as fast as possible.

Process – Lie down on the ground and place your hands under the hips. At once, lift up your feet, shoulders, and head off the ground. Start moving your feet up and down as quickly as you can. Do not hold breathing all this while.


The best part about these exercises is that you can do them at home or even at any place of your choice. The main key here is to be consistent and working out at an increased pace. It would take some time but the results would be amazing. However, the sets and the reps depends upon the stamina and the time duration of ach person.

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