Gymming is one of the coolest trends to follow out there right now. You could also be the one going to the gym already or planning to join it. And if it is so, you need to ask yourself as why you would want to join the gym? What is the main reason why you would like to join the gym? Having these questions to yourself really help you in knowing your actual purpose in the gym and you would know about the types of work outs that could be helpful for you. Not every workout is for everything hence, having a little knowledge about all these things are always helpful. If you are joining the gym for losing weight then these are the best exercises for you to start with and keep getting better at it with time.


  1. Squats

There are a lot of variations in the squat but you must start with the basic one first. Squats work immensely fast to reduce and burn the fat from the thigh and the waist area. Regular movement of the legs brings out flexibility in them making them toned.

Process – It is just the simple moving up and down exercise, the ones you did in the school while getting the punishment. You have to be a little more technical though. Stand straight with your feet wide apart and hands straight. Slowly bend the knees and go down. The hips should be out in the going down moment. Your hands and toes should be in the same direction. Start with 20 to 30 squats.

Area of Benefit – Hips, waist, thighs, legs, and tummy.


  1. Lunges

The muscles of the legs like the hamstrings, the quads, the calves, and the glutes get perfectly toned up in this workout. The excess fat from the legs and the thighs are burnt in no time.

Process – In this one you have to bend and kneel down on your one leg while the other leg is just resting on the ground in a bent way. Repeat the same by switching the poses with different legs. It should be done in a walking way as if you are reaching from one spot to another.

Area of Benefit – Legs, thighs, waist.


  1. Plank

Plank is an exercise that is involved in the yoga as well as in the pilates. This one is basically an exercise that works on the entire body to build some strength and also burn the bulging fat.

Process – Lie down on the ground on your stomach. But, your stomach and the entire body should not touch the ground and the balance should be on the arms and the feet.

Area of Benefit – Tummy, spinal cord, waist, love handles, hips, thighs.


  1. Push-ups

It is a strenuous form of plank where you are continuously moving. In this workout, the compound movements of all the muscles of the body are involved. This helps in increasing the upper body strength.

Process – For this, you have to get into the plank position. Now, with the help of your arms move upwards and then go downwards. Your body should not the ground and your feet should be in the same position as in the plank. Just with the help and force of your arms, keep moving up and down.

Area of Benefit – Chest, Arms, Legs, thighs, waist, hips, tummy.

Pull ups

  1. Pull ups

Just like the push ups, this one helps in making your body strong as well as increasing the upper body strength.

Process – This is a very simple workout. No, it just looks simple but it is rather a quite tough one and involves enough strength. You have to hang from a pole and lift yourself up using your whole body strength but just using your arms. Then you have to come down but keep hanging. Repeat this.

Area of Benefit – Arms, chest, tummy, and legs.


All these exercise or the gym workouts we talked above focus on the entire body and hence these 5 workouts can help you get toned faster and lose some extra fat from your body. These are the best calorie burner and you would start to see the effects soon in your body. And in return, this would get you motivated to keep hitting the gym because you are seeing the results.

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